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Born in Ojiya City, Niigata Prefecture
Born in 1958
First-class architect
First-class structural design architect
Architectural structural engineer

1982 Kawatetsu Engineering Co., Ltd.
(100% design subsidiary of Kawasaki Steel)
Studied under Saikichi Kagami, the structural design department manager who designed Tokyo Tower, who was my boss at the time I joined the company.
Engaged in overseas design and construction method development immediately after joining the company.

1983 Graduated from Shibaura Institute of Technology, Department of Architectural Engineering 
(1981-1982 Waseda University, Department of Architecture, Naito Memorial Hall
"Research on inverse response waves that remove the influence of buildings")

        Main achievements
1990  Salt Lake Olympic main arena “Delta Center” design

2000  Produced Nagashima Spa Land “Steel Dragon”

2001 Produced Fuji-Q Highland “Do Donpa”

Construction method development: Development of lightweight thin-plate structural buildings (steel houses)

Co-author: Japan Iron and Steel Federation, "Guidelines for the Design of Lightweight Structured Buildings with Thin Plate Structures"

2002  Became representative director of Kelphil Inc.
Kawatetsu Engineering design subsidiary in the Philippines

2005 Established Hasegawa Business Solutions Co., Ltd.
Appointed representative director
Structural development using containers and research on high-concentration hydrogen-oxygen-generating gas started

2013: Appointed CEO and Representative Director of First Element Co., Ltd.
Research on high concentration hydrogen oxygen, research on electron addition waves, research on electron addition beauty
Research on cutting-edge agricultural methods

Currently Director of High Concentration Hydrogen and Oxygen Research Institute

Representative Director and President  

Yukio Hasegawa

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