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Our company's core competencies are based on the four pillars of "health," "agriculture," "housing," and "education."

Among these, the technology that permeates "health," "agriculture," and "housing" is hydrogen oxygen gas (HHO gas) technology.

Hydrogen and oxygen gas is a near-future revolutionary technology that will drive the 22nd century and beyond, and our company is at the forefront of this technology.

"Education" is the word gate that is necessary when connecting cutting-edge technology to the world.









The raw material for hydrogen oxygen gas is
There is an abundance of water on earth.

That “water” will eventually support humanity.
It replaces inexhaustible energy.

And above all, this gas is gentle on the human body.
Supports "health".

We will also improve the “agriculture” that is the basis of food.
Activates microorganisms and makes food healthier.

Therefore, protect human life
We create endless applied technologies.

We are in the “health” category.
We have also incorporated the pursuit of beauty and esthetics.
This is because "health = living beautifully."

Now, let's explain in detail what hydrogen oxygen gas is.

Water is actually
"Solid, liquid, water vapor, EZ layer (memory water), HHO gas"
and changes into five states.

Generally, only the third water vapor is known.

The fourth EZ layer (remembering water) is
It has recently become known for its ability to transfer information into water.

Our company uses hydrogen oxygen gas (HHO gas)
We named it the "fifth phase of water."
This is a new field of science and an advanced future technology.


Hydrogen oxygen gas is commonly known as
Its properties are completely different from that of hydrogen gas.

When water is electrolyzed using a special method,
"Hydrogen oxygen gas/HHO gas" is generated.

In the evolution of life on the ancient earth
It is thought that this HHO gas played a major role.

the ancient earth
water, hydrogen, methane, ammonia, etc.
covered with mixed gas
Oxygen was not present.

There are things like "cosmic rays", "lightning & plasma", "volcanic explosion", etc.
Due to the impact, "water/H2O" on the earth instantly
Becomes “hydrogen oxygen gas/HHO gas”
The atomic gases of hydrogen and oxygen
changing inorganic compounds to organic compounds
It is assumed that amino acids were produced.

In other words, hydrogen oxygen gas is water in a special state.
It is by no means a form of hydrogen molecule.

Strictly defining hydrogen oxygen gas
"Hydrogen and oxygen atoms
While repeating excitation and damping
A mixture of gases that remains stable.”
That's what it means.

Hydrogen oxygen gas aims to use hydrogen gas
More than a “hydrogen society”
We will realize an overwhelmingly economical and safe society.


Application examples of HHO gas at our company

① Improve your health, improve your brain power, and improve your motor function by inhaling hydrogen and oxygen gas

② Contain hydrogen and oxygen gas in microbubbles
Then, the water in which the microbubbles are dissolved is
Used for bathing to promote beauty

③ Nanobubble water containing hydrogen and oxygen gas
It is also the best water for drinking.

4 Application to agriculture, livestock, and marine products
High-quality, safe and secure “food” as high value-added food
It will spawn endlessly


Words are the best weapon to protect peace

IA English Method & IA Japanese Method

We have two types of language learning methods [Japanese/English]devised overseas

We are proud of our 15 years of experience in overseas education.

We have been in business since the Meiji era.

Japanese-style language education that lets you learn words through your eyes

I completely deny it.

We will transform the Japanese people into English speaking citizens.

By practicing spoken English
Participants will absorb English logic at a flesh and blood level.
Think in the same way as Westerners
You will be able to take action.

The Japanese people
[Japanese/English] Unless we become bilingual citizens
It will definitely destroy the country.
This is a method born of patriotic sentiment.


We teach Japanese using the grammatical concepts of Western languages.

Participants are limited to English-speaking foreigners
Classes will be held in English.

Students will understand Japanese grammar in no time.
Endless introduction in just 15 hours
You will be able to introduce yourself in Japanese.

This is a revolution in Japanese language education.

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​Small Animal Research and Development Unit Masha

~For the health and happiness of the lives that heal people~

We are researching the effects of hydrogen and oxygen on the living bodies of small animals and applying them to terminal illnesses and alternative medicine.

Click here for more details.

3-15% of sales from original products developed with Masha will be donated to animal protection organizations.

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