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IA method -Nihongo

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Teaching Nihongo with English:

The mediation language is English. This idea was realized by actual classrooms occupied by

only Filipinos as English speakers. A Nihongo teacher who cannot speak English is

notavailable there. This specialized Nihongo class brought a kind of miracle.
3,200 hours compressed into 350 hours:

IA method realizes the highest level of Nihongo achievement with only one tenth of learning hours

by conventional styles. This miraculous fact was rarely obtained in the Philippines

as one of English countries. The developer visited the country by chance.

It was also a lucky reason to make the miracle. He used every condition given by

the English situation in the Philippines for making effective Nihongo method.

The mechanism of the secret:

① Hiragana, Katakana are unnecessary at the initial stage

② Grammar is absorbed from ears, not from eyes

③ To activate word-processing by intensive listening

④ Speaking Nihongo is with English vocabulary

⑤ Usage of Case Particles is the point of view for the grammar

⑥ The Basic Textbook is written in Romanization and English

⑦ Composition is trained with PC, etc.

These schemes call the miracle.

Speak Nihongo with English:

The Basic Course with 70 + 70 hrs.

The Advanced Course with 70 + 70 hrs.

The Professional Course with 70 hrs.

Total: 350 hours.

Students will output following Nihongo on the Basic Course:
e.g.) Maria
wa Kitchende tasty-na Spaghettiwo cook-shite-imasu.

(Maria is cooking tasty spaghetti in the kitchen.)

English nouns, adjectives, verbs are available for speaking Nihongo.

Students do not need memory works of Nihongo vocabularies.

The red letters above e.g. are actually knowledge of Nihongo Cases.

This simple idea realizes incredible reduction of learning hours.

Not only sample sentences but all grammatical explanations are written in English

in the textbooks. Students never encounter obstructions on the way for improvement.

Actually, just after the initial fifteen hours, they introduce themselves endlessly

in the style written above. After the former half of the Advanced Course,

students perform "Speaking, Hearing, Reading, and Writing"

with ordinary way of Nihongo.


Offers from companies:
After invention of this method in the University of Santo Tomas,

the developer introduced this idea to many Japanese companies in Manila.

Many of the excellent companies responded to this idea. They accepted this method

for their local staff to improve Nihongo communications with Headquarters in Japan.

The benefitted Filipino staff and engineers were over 1,500 in following companies:    

Fujitsu Computer Products Philippines

Fujitsu Philippines

Fujitsu Ten

Fujitsu Telecom System Philippines

Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Technical Services

Kawasaki Heavy Industry Design & Technical Services

IHI Philippines

JFE Techno Manila



Canon Information Technology Philippines

i-BRIDGE System Philippines

Philippine EDS Techno Service (YAZAKI)

Nippon Mektron, etc.
MAPUA Institute of Technology, etc.

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