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IA method

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English fast learning method

The IA method is IndividualAAbbreviation for sending method

Its meaning is "individual evolution method"

Cheers to individuals around the world

There are two IA methods: Japanese speed learning method and English speed learning method.

The English method is an international gate that allows Japanese people to spread their wings around the world.

The Japanese method is an international gate that invites English-speaking foreigners to Japan.

In other words, the IA method is a two-way international gateway between [Japanese and English]

Inability to read english


“Reading English” does not change the consciousness or behavior of Japanese people.

“Spoken English” changes the way Japanese people think and act

Because words are the "power to speak"

The power of speaking changes thoughts and induces action.

This "ability to speak" has supported the survival of humanity.

That's why it's important to acquire the ability to speak English.

The Japanese will become a race that can compete with Westerners in the world.

TOEIC score is powerless

Because it is not proof of "speaking ability"

With the coronavirus pandemic covering the world

Conferences around the world are nowwent online

That, ironically, erased borders from all over the world.

With a single click on the screen

Business negotiations with overseasIt starts suddenly

Employees who cannot speak English run away

in front of the monitorIt's just disconcerting

For both companies and individual employees

it isIt should be a matter of life and death.


This is not a fun English conversation!


Able to lead the current chaotic era and world

Seriously nurturing bold and eloquent Japanese people

That is why the IA method was created.

The secret is mode change / Mode Change

at both the heart and head level

Switch Japanese mode to English mode

Then you can think and act using English logic.

Be able to speak English using English logic

Conversion of psychological mode

Psychology Mode

To speak English, you first need to change your psychology.

This is because the “mood” when speaking English

Because the “mood” you have when speaking Japanese is the exact opposite.

That's why we first need to understand the ``mood'' in our hearts.

Switching from Japanese style to English style

At that time, it was inevitable that the Japanese culture that gave birth to the Japanese language and

You will also learn about the differences in Western culture that gave rise to English.

The transformation of psychological mode is

This is the first step in realizing that language is the crystallization of culture.


Grammar mode conversion

Grammar Mode


Change the flow of thought in Japanese ➡ Make the flow of thought in English We need to change the flow of thought before we put it into words.

You can't speak English using English logic.

Reverse Mode

I realized that Japanese and English are completely opposite.

Learn theories and methods to reverse your thinking

Expansion Mode

Skills to improvise and speak English like a native

Japanese people don't know this and can't do it.

③ Description Mode

Covering advanced topics using specialized terminology

How to speak easily and with simple syntax

Once you understand this, your fear of English will disappear.

Japanese university students

They came to the Philippines,

This method in 3 weeksAcquired

Free talk to your heart's contentso that you can enjoy itbecame

Their universities are:

・Kyoto University
・Keio University
・Waseda University
・Sophia University
・University of Tsukuba
・International Christian University
・Aoyama Gakuin University
・Tokyo University of Science
・Hosei University
・Chuo University
・Tokai University
・Kokugakuin University
・Fukushima University
・Yamagata University

・Dokkyo University

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