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IA method

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Japanese speed learning method

IA method IndividualAAbbreviation for sending method

Its meaning is "individual evolution method"

Cheers to individuals around the world

There are two IA methods: Japanese speed learning method and English speed learning method.

The English method is an international gate that allows Japanese people to spread their wings around the world.

The Japanese method is an international gate that invites English-speaking foreigners to Japan.

In other words, the IA method is a two-way international gateway between [Japanese and English]

Teach Japanese in English

The medium language, that is, the language used to explain things in class, is English.

What you can do by narrowing down all the participants to English-speaking people

In other words, a Japanese teacher who can't speak English is useless.

A miracle was born in this specialized situation setting.

3,200 hours compressed to 350 hours

The IA method reduced the learning time of Japanese to 1/10th.

It is the strategic design of the curriculum.

Everything was built in the English-speaking Philippines.

What I was able to do

A miracle born of a chance encounter between the inventor and the Philippines

The IA Japanese method thoroughly uses English.


Secret trick

① Do not teach letters first


② Don't let people learn languages through their eyes.


③ Connect hearing and mouth


④ Have them speak using English words


⑤The backbone of grammar is case particles and
Teach by contrasting prepositions


⑥ Beginner textbooks are in Romanized notation.


⑦ Deny handwriting and force them to use a PC


With the above method
miracles happen

make English speak Japanese

Beginner 70+70 hours
Advanced 70+70 hours
Specialty 70 hours
Total 350 hours

​In the beginner level, have students speak the following Japanese words.
wa kitchende tasty-na Spaghettiwo cook-shite-imasu.

nouns, adjectives, verbsteethenglish wordslet them use

In other words, you will be able to speak Japanese without memorizing Japanese vocabulary.

This results in
Huge time savings occur

In other words, in the elementary textThere are no Japanese characters

Not only example sentences but also explanations and explanations are all in English.

Therefore, there is no obstacle to the speed of learning.

In the first 15 hours, you can introduce yourself endlessly with this speaking style.

However, after the first half of the advanced level, students will be able to "read, write, speak, and listen."
Now able to use ordinary Japanese

Japanese companies flooded with IA method

This method was devised by the developer at the University of Santo Tomas.

Introduced to major Japanese companies in Metro Manila

As a result, the following local companies adopted the IA method.

Filipino staff perform their daily work in Japanese.

We are now able to collaborate with our Japanese headquarters in Japanese.

The total number of participants exceeded 1,500.


Fujitsu Computer Products Philippines
fujitsu philippines
fujitsu ten
Fujitsu Telecom Philippines
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Technical Service
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Design & Technical Services
IHI Philippines
JFE Techno Manila (formerly Nippon Steel Tube)
Kelphil (formerly Kawasaki Steel)
i - BRIDGE System Philippines
Yazaki Corporation
asia solution philippines
Nippon Mektron
Taisei Construction
​Mapua Institute of Technology adopted the curriculum

Video content

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