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​IA Method Developer

Graduated from Toyo University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Philosophy

Completed master's program in Buddhism (Indian Philosophy) at the same graduate school.

University of Santo Tomas Graduate School Associate Professor

KS Method Promotion Foundation Chairman

Born in 1949 in Kushiro City, Hokkaido

After graduating from graduate school, he taught classical Japanese literature at a prep school in Tokyo for 15 years.

The knowledge gained at this time later became the background for creating the Japanese language learning method.

In addition to working as a preparatory school teacher, he also works as a translator and non-fiction writer.

Traveled back and forth between Japan and the Philippines for 10 years

Book “Massacre of the God Army” published by Tokuma Shoten

Translated book “Tantra Yoga Meditation Method” and

“What is Kundalini?” Published by Melkmarsha

After that, he moved his base to Manila and worked there for 20 years.

After working as a newspaper reporter and magazine editor-in-chief, became an associate professor at the University of Santo Tomas Graduate School.

Acquired practical English through activities as a journalist

This crystallized into a revolutionary English conversation learning method.
Established the KS Method Popularization Foundation in Manila and became the director.
Research on the history of Japan-Philippines negotiations in the 17th century is also outstanding.

*The trademark registered in the Philippines as "KS Method" is

Renamed and registered as “IA Method” in Japan

International Institute for Multilingual Acceleration Learning


Etsuro Kawamura 

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