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Company infomation

Yukio Hasegawa

Etsuro Kawamura 

Yokohama Bank Odawara Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Shinbashi Branch

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[Affiliated research institute]
High concentration hydrogen
oxygen research institute
International Language Institute

Advanced Agricultural Research Institute


Organization chart

Organization chart.png


Secretary's office

Board of directors

Wellness Division

​Agri Business Department

General affairs department

Education Department

New business department

Attached research institute

High Concentration Hydrogen Oxygen Research Institute

National agency organization: 20 companies

Masha Business Promotion Office

Digital Content Business Promotion Office

General Affairs Division (General Affairs, Human Resources, General Affairs, External Relations)

Accounting Division (Accounting)

Attached research institute

Advanced Agricultural Research Institute

Attached research institute

International Research Institute for Multilingual Acceleration

Four Pillars of Core Competence

four pillars.png

Using HHO Gas

Using HHO Gas

Using HHO Gas


① Health

High concentration hydrogen oxygen gas inhalationThe removal of active oxygen from the body by

Health promotion, pre-symptomatic measures, and enhancement of corporate human resources

Realizes improvement of various abilities of individuals

Measuring health level with objective numbers“AI health measuring device”The use of

Awakening the awareness of local residents to take care of their own health

Realizing preventive measures for local governments

② Agriculture

Circulating microbial active farming method &High concentration hydrogen oxygenFusion of microbubble water

Microbubble water accelerates the activation of microorganisms.

Soil improves dramatically

that isAgricultural products with high added valueincrease production of

Of course that isFarmer's income upleads to

Food safety and high nutrition & promotion of pesticide-free and organic cultivation

This surpasses foods produced using conventional farming methods (using pesticides and chemical fertilizers).

Agricultural products that are overwhelmingly supported by consumersproduces

Our company provides the know-how for this purpose.

③ Education

IA English Method & IA Japanese methodpopularization of

IA language method is a two-way international gateway between Japanese and English.

Nurturing Japanese people who can communicate Japanese values in English

Increase the number of pro-Japanese English speakers who speak Japanese

Expanding the world with opportunities to promote Japan's values

English is an aggressive language

Japanese is a mysterious language that creates harmony between people.

World peace requires both

④ Housing

Utilizing our company's fundamental technology, architectural structure development and design technology

skeletonWe use a "container house" that complies with the Building Standards Act.

infillteethinfrastructureless(Electricity, water, sewage)

This does not require public infrastructure

Equipped with high concentration hydrogen oxygen generator as standardThis is a housing model that

Hydrogen oxygen gas that promotes health spreads throughout the room

A living space where you can drink high-concentration hydrogen-oxygen nanobubble water anytime as drinking water

We provide such futuristic long-lived housing.

​Affiliated companies, affiliated research institutes​

[Light and Wind Research Institute Co., Ltd.]
Energy conservation research related to SDGs
Addressing environmental issues through effective use of bamboo chips

[Gouda Water Treatment Giken Co., Ltd.]
​ Joint research between high concentration hydrogen oxygen and Water Treatment Technology Research Institute

​ [Photon Life Co., Ltd.]
Research on the combined effect of high concentration hydrogen oxygen and electron wave addition therapy

[Kisen World Co., Ltd.]
​Research on the combined effect of high concentration hydrogen oxygen and Taheebo tea

[Seki Animal Hospital]
A high-concentration hydrogen-oxygen gas inhaler was installed in the ICU.
Clinical trial verification research for critically ill animals

[​Organic Sangyo Co., Ltd.]
Research and development of cutting-edge agricultural methods, circulating fertilizers, and feed
Research on liquid fertilizer and pesticide-free antioxidant fruits and vegetables

[Enatechnos Co., Ltd.]
Development of application technology for industrial energy-saving machinery in agriculture, livestock, and fisheries
Application of fulvic acid to forestry

Head office: 250-0053
Fairy Hasegawa, 139-8 Anabe, Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Room 101 Showroom
Room 102 Office
Room 201 Seminar room
Room 202 VIP room

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