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Profile - Developer of IA method
Etsuro Kawamura, Director

The International Institute for Multilingual Specialists


Activities in the Philippines:
Associate Professor: Graduate School of University of Santo Tomas, Manila
President: KS Method Dissemination Foundation, Inc., Manila

Academic Background:
Master’s Degree: Buddhist Studies from Graduate School of Toyo University, Tokyo
Born in 1949, Hokkaido, Japan

After Graduate School in Tokyo:

He was teaching Classic Japanese in a Prep School for colleges. While teaching, he started

his careers as a nonfiction writer. The first destination for his research was Manila, Philippines.

He visited the country many times. After ten years, he decided to set a base on Manila to continue

his career as a journalist. He got a chance for a newspaper reporter as the first job in the country.

He was able to brush up his oral communication skill in English through many interviews.

After the reporter, he accepted an offer for Associate Professor from the Graduate School of

University of Santo Tomas established on 1611, which was the oldest University in Asia.


VIPs in the Philippines:

As a nonfiction writer and reporter in the Philippines, he got many fortunate chances

to try interviews for prominent leaders of the country like the Vice President, the Speaker of

the Lower House, Cabinet Secretaries, Senators, Congressmen, Provincial Governors, and others.

Moreover, he was a Rotarian in Manila from the very beginning. The circumstances contributed him

to make close relationships with many businesspersons, attorneys, and professors

and others as his fellow Rotarians.

Study on languages:

He learned English, Germany, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Spanish, and Latin.

Especially, he was interested in comparative inquiry into Japanese and English.

His career for fifteen years in Tokyo, it was teaching Classic Japanese.

It was so useful to find out opposite principles between English and Japanese.

Moreover, he had a unique spotlight to light up hidden aspects of English.

It was Sanskrit Grammar required for Indian Philosophy to get the Master’s Degree.

It was inspirational idea as a linguistic concept to mediate English and Japanese not only for

understanding but for teaching. These unique references guided him

to create original teaching methods on Nihongo and English.

Many ideas hit his mind while he was teaching in the Graduate School.


From own experiences:

He never accepts the so-called wrong creed that Japanese people cannot speak English well.

For a long time, in Japan, a wrong one was the way of teaching and learning on English.

He believes that Japanese people can speak English fluently if they get objective idea

on English especially on its differences from Japanese.

The main difference is reversed structures between both languages.

This comparative aspect will help Japanese people to output English orally.

He got many proofs by Japanese college students who came to Manila for seeking his method.

They acquired spoken English quickly with his intensive training only in three weeks.

※ "KS Method" in the Philippines was registered as "IA method" in Japan.

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