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IA method – English

English Tutor

IA method:

This stands for Individual Ascending method. This linguistic method has two types;

the methods are Nihongo method and English method. The former is for English speakers in many countries, and the latter is for Japanese people. Both the methods realize spoken English

and Nihongo easily. These methods will help both the people at an interactive Gateway.

The Nihongo method will invite English speakers to Japan,

and the English method sends Japanese people off to the world.



Inability of written English:

English acquired by written textbooks never changes the way of thinking and action of

Japanese people. However, spoken English changes their idea and action drastically.

Language is Spoken Power. The Power enriches thought itself, and triggers off their action.

The verbal ability is rooted in human activities.English education in Japan was, for long time,

slanted to written English too much, which restrained international performance of the people.

Japanese people must uplift themselves by spoken English.

It will bring more positive sharing of their international responsibility.



English is not for pretension:

The mission of this method is to enlighten young Japanese people so that they can play their roles

in this chaotic world. The secret for this purpose is Mode Change.

Japanese people can get spoken English easily if they change their Nihongo Mode to English Mode

on their mental level. The devices are two;



I. Psychological Mode Change:

Japanese people must change their emotional mood when they speak English.

The psychological mood for speaking Nihongo is opposite from that of English.

Japanese people must change their mood into English mood. They should keep more positive

and open-minded way for speaking English. Nihongo mood is much self-suppressive

than English mood. This Psychological Mode Change will activate their intensive power of thinking.

This is the inevitable first step to get the spoken English for Japanese people.   


II. Grammatical Mode Change:

This is the process to reverse word-processing from Nihongo way to English way.

IA method has three types of tactics for this purpose as the Grammar Mode.


① Reverse Mode:

This is the way to inevitable reverse works, and an actual idea for word-processing with

English logic.


② Expansion Mode:

This is the way for a prompt talk of English without stress.

This is the way of talk by native English speakers.


③ Description Mode:

This is an idea how to talk complicated opinions with a simple style.

This skill will remove fear to speak.


Useless Score of TOEIC:

This score never guarantees the ability of spoken English of Japanese people.

After spreading of Corona pandemic, boarders among countries disappeared at once.

Prohibited human traffics in the world, ironically, accelerated international accesses through monitors beyond time and space. Absolutely, now, the only available power that can commit

in this stressful situation is well-trained persons who can speak English fluently.

In Japan, those persons who have brave English Mode will be, definitely,

only hope in any companies and entities.

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